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I joined back in June while doing the Baja Mexico cruise. I am diappointed also in that I got the Platinum package for $10,000 which gives me 44,800 points . I am going on a cruise on the 18th of this month to the Mexican Riviera and tried to book the cruise back in June using my points . The cruise in a cat 11 for me, my wife and son would have used over 1/2 of my points.
I booked it directly with Carnival I pain $4200. I called the Vacation club and asked the why the difference. I was told that each point was worth approx $.25 . That to me did not add up to 10K. She told me that the rest was for the VIP priviledges . I did recieve my airline passes which are only good in the continental US and do me no good in Hawaii.
As far as the resort coupons I have yet to explore them but what I was told on the ship was that up to 7 people can stay at one of the resorts for 7 days for $299. The VIP priviledges are definately worth it judging by my last cruise but as far as booking your cruises and using the points you are getting ripped off. You get it cheaper buying it yourself.