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It is so much fun to read all these comments while anticipating a cruise!

We were on the Caribbean Princess this year and absolutely loved the "free feed" policy. I have to eat lots of small meals or I become sick, so I really appreciated the interesting and constantly changing offerings at the 24 hour buffet. All the staples but lots of little surprises that made each visit to the food bar a pleasure. (ie, something similar to creme caramel, my favourite, for breakfast!)

Then again, meals in the main dining room were incredible. We loved one waiter, so sat in his section every night, but each night we sat at a large table with different people and 4 nights out of 7 we laughed until tears ran down our faces.

Coming up is my first cruise with Celebrity and I am really worried about how I will survive their fixed seating, especially on evenings after late port departures.

I also agree with the folks who complain about no selve serve laundromat facilities. It was so handy on the Princess to have a laundromat only a few doors down.

Got to go make supper now - can't wait until the cruise so someone will wait on me every day!!!!