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joarc, actually I just wanted to be included on this post because I'd love nothing else than to cruise on the Freedom...balcony of course please and not to worry I will have both feet on the ground at all times so good luck on the lottery. Now for my contribution to this crazy matter.......I feel for the family who is left without a son and hope they get every cent of that million dollars.I just cannot understand why a newly married women would get so intoxicated with a group of strangers and end up in a hallway next to one of their rooms, passed out. Meanwhile her newly wed hubbie is being tossed to the wind....RCL should have fined her with drunkin disorderly instead they award her 1 million dollars?? and no doubt poor George had a life insurance policy. But what is really unsettling is the people that did it are walking free and probably sailing away on yet another funfilled cruise. I just don't understand why RCL awarded this cash,maybe they should have putt it towards a more thorough ivestigation to find the person(s) responsible instead of caving. Sorry for running off but stuff like this drives me crazy, just be resonsible for your own stupid actions!
Sympathy goes out to the parents & siblings of George.

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