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You can bring your own wine on board, they will charge a $15/corkage fee in the dining room. A typical bar bill for the two of us on a 10 day cruise is approximately $800. This includes a few drinks during the day for both of us, wine in the dining room, and a few drinks in the casino at night for me and a few drinks in the shows for my hubby. I know I could cut the bill down without my double Baileys in the casino, but I like to end my evenings that way. It actually works out to about $40/day per person. My husband buys buckets of beer during the day, I'll have a rum punch or a frozen margarita (or three). We have a before dinner cocktail, I have a bottle of wine with dinner which lasts 2-3 evenings (they will recork the wine and serve it until it is gone). Then I have at least 2 drinks in the casino and at least 1 double Baileys before retiring for the evening. The wine ranges from $20 up depending on what you choose. A great number of people do put alcohol in different containers, but if they catch you, they will confiscate the alcohol until the end of the cruise. You can also buy packages to have cocktails in the cabin, but I don't think it saves much. In my opinion, the difference in the price of the cruise will more than make up for your bar bill. It sure sounds like a wonderful birthday present and I know you'll have a marvelous time. Best wishes!!