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Iím a Newbie to the board, so thanks in advance for any help to answer some very general questions. Iím just looking for some direction in our study.

My wife and I (in our late 40s) and two teenagers (17, 14) are considering a cruse to the Mediterranean in August 2007, for twelve days, and have found two possibilities with very similar itinerates, so destinations are not an issue in this study.

It has come down to deciding between RCCL Brilliance of the Seas or Princess Emerald Princess.

We are familiar with RCCL, having two prior cruises and know what to expect with food, service, ship type and size etc and have been happy with the atmosphere overall.

We are not familiar with Princess (beyond reading the internet) and know this specific ship is new. We are not familiar with the atmosphere, entertainment, food, etc of Princess.

We need to decide between the two, and are at the point of spitting hairs it seems, however there is a big price difference between the two based on same sized cabins.

At first glance, thru some agent my wife used, for the same size cabins in this case, there is an approximate $1600 dollar difference in price per person between the two; RCCL is higher in price for the same thing for some reason. Big factor. Why is Princess that much lower? Just a better deal?

While money is an obvious factor, so are other issues.

What is most important in our decision is being around families like us, same ages and interests. No offense to the 60+ crowd or the families with babies. I know it is hard to pick and choose this, and especially with a Mediterranean cruise it becomes much harder to accomplish with the diversity onboard.

We are not late nighters or drinkers like to interact with similar people at meals or out. We like good entertainment at night. We donít need real fancy food, but good basic choices and quality. Ship dťcor is not a factor, but things to do on the ship are a factor. Most important is having well thought-out organized land tours / excursions. I know we canít have everything perfect, but why not try to get close to what is best for us?

I know it comes down to personal choice and favorites, and we probably will not go wrong either way. Iíd rather stay with RCCL, but money is an issue.

Iím wondering if there are any other issues or CLEARCUT reasons why RCCL is higher in cost or why one ship would be better for us than the other, beyond the pricing, based on our priorities listed above. Help me split hairs.

Any thoughts or comments will be highly appreciated!