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My wife and I did a back to back cruise this past month, and in the beginning of the second week, our laptop was stolen from our stateroom.

While security worked hard, and eventually recovered our computer from a crew member's room 5 days later, the damage was done. Obviously, it was difficult to relax and enjoy the cruise once we were violated. And,to add insult to injury, the thief had deleted our pictures and files. The cruise hotel manager displayed a callous disregard to our plight, not even offering a bouquet of flowers. Considering we spent $9000 on these 17 days, you would think we deserved something.

While my wife wanted to make a public outcry during the remainder of the cruise to shame them into action, I talked her out of it, assuming that good behavior would count toward something. Maybe they would comp us for the cruise, or offer us a free cruise in the future?

I was dead wrong. The only thing we got from Princess was a phone call apology from some low level clerk in customer service. I eventually sent an email to senior management at Princess and Carnival, but I have not even received an acknowledgment from them.

Short of hiring a lawyer, could some folks please recommend a course of action that could lead to some form of compensation?