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My agent just asked me about the split up bathrooms in the Epic cabins. I haven't paid a lot of attention to it but here is the deal: the shower is on one side of the cabin with just a frosted glass door; the toilet is on the other side and has a door; the sink is located in the cabin. Looking at the images available it does appear there is a curtain which can be drawn across the cabin to isolate the shower/toilet area.

So does anyone have problems with this? Does the image of essentially standing in the bathroom while mom or dad take a shower behind the sliding glass occur to you? What about using the toilet and then having to open the door (grab the door handle) and walk over to the sink to wash your hands?

We'll have to wait and get first-hand reports but I don't like the casual nature this depicts. Seems like a lot of chances for families to have embarrassing moments.

Here is an image. You can see the commode on the left, then the main cabin entrance, and then the shower stall. The sink is farther in on the right.