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I would like to go on another cruise in December over the New Years 2009 Holiday season. I did the holiday cruise last year and had a blast. Everyone on ship was in a very festive state of mind. There is a new ship Splendor that will be leaving out of Fort Lauderdale on the December 28th and I would like to sail on this new vessel. So, maybe I will book that cruise. When do you plan to take your next SOLO cruise?

Originally posted by sgsurlord:
We leaving on NCL from Seatle to Alaska on May 4, to May 9. It's a annual family trip, with my mother, her brother and his girlfriend, who are all over 65 and me and my sister. My family is bigger but not everyone can go every year, but the 5 of us are the regulars. This is one of several trips I take each year, the other trips are with some friends - like a girls night out vacation. Which is fun in itself, so I'm looking to make my family trip just a bit more party friend, if you get my drift. Anyway, hope to hear back from you soon!

My previous cruises are as follows:
03.12.2005 Princess-Caribbean Eastern Caribbean;
04.08.2006 HAL-ms Veendam Western Caribbean;
12.24.2006 HAL-ms Westerdam Western Caribbean;
08.11.2007 HAL-ms Oosterdam Alaska & Canada;
11.22.2007 CCL-ms Fantasy Western Caribbean;
12.30.2007 CCL-ms Victory Western Caribbean;
05.03.2008 CCL-ms Fantasy Western Caribbean;
11.21.2008 CCL-ms Splendor Eastern Caribbean;
03.04.2009 MSC-Lirica Southern Caribbean