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A few years ago I started a scrap book on all my cruises. I started dedicating two pages to each cruise. I quickly cut it down to one page. On each page I put a cruise ship sticker at the top, and above the sticker put the number cruise that it was. My cruise card goes on the page, a picture of the person who traveled with me on that cruise, usually a picture or postcard of the ship, pictures of each port. Below the sticker I print the ship's name. I sometimes will write information of GT of ship and passenger capacity. If the ship has been renamed I might even put her original name.
I was looking at my scrapbook at Christmas with my father. My first cruise in 1981 was with my mother who passed away in 1996. Page 1 of my scrapbook says "My First Cruise", Under the picture of my Mom it says "My MOM went with me". No one can take away your memories.