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Originally posted by TrvlPro:
Bed bugs? I and probably hundreds of thousands of passengers have sailed on the Spirit without seeing or being bitten by bed bugs, and you worry about stories written by just a few passengers? Were they even bed bugs, or were they sand fleas they brought back to the ship from the beach?

You may be interested in this. It relates to Dawn and may be the sources referred to for the "bed bug" issue.

This guy is one big loser, expecting Penthouse accommodations in a Mini Suite. Mini Suites don't get butler services, neither do they get DVD players. Complaining about the long lines for tendering, but didn't use the concierge available for his Mini Suite to get priority tender tickets. By the way, you call the concierge, they don't wait on you. Forgeting to bring his papers so he could win the arguments with NCL over on board credits.
What a sad state of affairs, not realizing Mini Suites aren't Penthouse Suites. Apparently this man always had a butler do everything for him on previous cruises, and was hopeless managing on his own.
Then let's talk about the bed bugs. Any insect can cause bite marks on his wife. Isn't it strange he didn't get any bites from the bedbugs? You would have thought bedbugs infesting his cabin would have bitten him too. Therefore, one must come to the conclusion she got the bites elsewhere. Maybe they weren't bedbugs at all, possibly sand fleas from the beach?
You know how much I believe this guy by now. On a scale of 1 to 10, how about a 1?