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I keep reading these and trying to think if any of my favorite memories are fit to print. They are not. Part of one is: the wind coming through the wide open balcony door at night during rough seas. That was unbelievable. Crazy wind and the boat tossing.

Another one was when my #2 son dragged #3 son (they are both 150 lbs +) off of a bunk using knotted Camp Carnival lanyards. Ditto when one kid tried to jump from one bunk to the next while remaining lateral so he wouldn't bump his head. Didn't work. Stealing bunk ladders also fun.

GOOD TIMES! I have about 20 great memories just sitting here and I am LMAO.

Baked Alaska and watching "Day of the Jackal" four times in an empty theatre on QE2 when I was 11. Looking outside and seeing the Carla C- my name.

The best part about cruising for me is the freedom. And the thrill. And the dolphin and flying fish escorts.