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has anyone been on a cruise in october how bad are the seas is it rough what does carnival do about sea sickness
The only Rough seas Ive come accross have been in February ..... as for what Carnival did for those that were sick then was Tape Barf bags all over the walls and elevators. it was great for those of us that didnt get sick... the casino was empty the dinningroom was nice and quiet, there was no kids running all over, it was a nice peacful cruise

I cruise every October since 2003 and it always includes my birthday (the 19th) I have absolutely never felt any more than one or two ship rocks in the four October cruises when they happend they were over within a few minutes. the seas have been clam for each of my October Cruises. I love October (go figure) for cruising.
Im going to cruise this October 13th as well for 8 nights on the Liberty.