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Whoo hoo! Coincidence here as we just booked the February cruise on Noordam yesterday but it is a 10 day cruise. We had the same question as you but in reading everywhere on the net I'm pretty comfortable that they are reaching out to other age groups - complete with teen center and children facilities if I read it right. I suspect it may just be a little more posh and adult so I'm looking forward to it. I've tried NCL whose food and service I love and Carnival where I loved the food less and now I'm ready to step it up with this cruise. I read the Noordam was rated 5 star for the ship and 5 star for the food so basically that is all I need...that and a casino and a disco-like club and ports to die for and age seemed the least of our worries but we'll see. Of course we may get the one cranky neighbor on the ship but that would be our luck. I suspect with all these lines you just have to evaluate what you appreciate and go for it. btw on the Carnival which had a reputation as party central it was more like family central. Reputations may not mean much as lines evolve. Can't help you but just thought I'd point out how we narrowed it down.