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Wayne, I don't know if this was your first cruise or not, but it sounds like it.

I'm truly sorry it was so bad for you. I have been on 7 cruises, and they were all good in their own way, although on RCCL, they did LOSE our luggage for almost "5" days. We're we upset, you better believe it, but they "tried" to help as much as they could. We could have held it against RCCL, but sometimes "things" happen.

All I have ever heard of Carnival was that it was a "party" ship. I thought to myself....I'm not telling my friend who is going with me, "ALL" the bad things I had read. Well I'm glad I didn't. We went on the Carnival Triumph, and what a ship/trip it was. It was GREAT To say the least there were very "few" things we could find "wrong."

People talk about it being a "party" ship. Well you can find that on "any" ship if you want to drink, etc. You don't have to be around people like that.

A few things you mentioned:

About gratuity, when I get on the ship, the first thing I do, is "ask" for envelopes, that way I can give "tips" to whom ever I want, with NO problem.

You said you had to lug your luggage up/around. I don't know why. With your "tags" on them (they should have had your room number), they "deliver" the luggage to the room.

Clock: We had a radio/clock with no problem, and my cell phone changes time where ever I am.

As for leaving the room 3 hours before, yes that is needed to get the ship/room ready for the next group that will be coming on the ship the same day you are getting off.

I hope (if you have one) your next cruise will be better. You "learn" by trial and error.3