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Asking RCL Vs. Carnival Vs. NCL is the biggest question to plague mankind since the invention of the wheel. But seriously nobody can answer that question but you. I can tell you what I like about all three and what I dont like about all three and for you to base your opinion on that would be stupid as you may not be how you rate your cruises. I can tell this I have had great cruises on all three and I have had not so great cruises on all three. and I can also tell you my favorite cruiseline. The one thats headed out to sea with me on it. The only way you are going to be able to answer that question for yourself is to go yourself.ans the cruiselines them selves are differnt. You cant go on the Jubille, the Fantasy or the Carnvial Conquest and conpare them anymore than you can different cruiselines as the are 45,000 ton 76,000 ton and 110,000 ton but they are all carnival ships. so basically the only way you are going to get your answer is the same way many of us did. Book a fantasy class ship on Carnival. Book a 76,000 ton of the Seas ship On Royal Caribbean and book the Norwegian Sun and see for yourself.
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