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Originally posted by familycruisin:
Of course this raises another a much bigger issue, especially heading into a possible recession in 2008: Would Princess Cruises ever cancel an entire cruise for lack of interest? I know that sounds absurd right now, but with such a rapid growth in the industry over the years, a recession could hit them hard. The airlines have been canceling low-booked flights for a few years now. What would prevent PRINCESS CRUISES from doing the same thing?? And knowing that PRINCESS CRUISES has the worst customer service of all the lines, I think they would bail out of any unprofitable commitment whether it be an excursion or an entire cruise. Beware of Princess in 2008.
Hi I am only new but I dont understand why so negative to Princess...yes there may be financial pain in some sectors but as another poster says there are also opportunities elsewhere. You guys in the US have it much better than us Aussies, but now a lot of your ships are positioning themselves over our way too. We are looking forward to have more competition for the cruise dollar in our part of the world and to see prices fall back to something more reasonable.