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I'm told Harv & Marv aren't doing Tracy Arm any more. Might call them directly and see.
The tours I DO know that run to Tracy Arm regularly are Adventure Bound, Alaskan Marine Adventures, and Allen Marine.

Allen Marine can only be booked via your cruise ship, as they run a 5-hour tour that meets your ship IN Tracy Arm for embarkation/disembarkation. If your cruise offers this trip, it's usually my favorite choice. If you're cruising Hubbard, however, you won't likely be cruising Tracy Arm also.

Adventure Bound is the most commonly booked tour of Tracy Arm. They depart daily at 8 and/or 9 am sharp. Many port calls don't allow time at one end or the other (or both) to make the Adventure Bound trip. Price is usually under $200 per person, but there is no snacking or meal included, so either bring your own grub or buy their sandwiches, etc. as it's a long 8-9 hour tour.

Alaskan Marine Adventures runs Tracy Arm regularly as well. It's a smaller boat than Adventure Bound... 6 guests maximum instead of 45 or 50. Because it's a private charter, the price will be higher ($1700 to charter the whole boat last I checked, but look for deals and always ask for a discount!) It does include a super lunch and all the snacks and softdrinks you need. If you want to buy a fishing license for the trip, their captain will usually let you drop a crab pot on the way down and retrieve it on the way back for some fresh Alaskan crab too!

With the prospects of seeing Hubbard Glacier up close so slim this year (I wouldn't be surprised if many ships just skip it all together), I would DEFINITELY recommend a Tracy Arm excursion if you've got time in Juneau. The place can't be described in words. Depending what time of year you're there, you'll see seals pupping on the ice, bears, goats, deer, eagles, all variety of sea birds, an occasional pod of orcas, and usually humpback whales en route.

Oops, sorry... I'm rambling again! Can you tell that Tracy Arm is one of my favorite places to visit? ;-)

Happy Alaska Travels!
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