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Hi Guys, Im booked on Oasis for January next year however we now have to change this until later in the year, and because my boyfriend is the one that wants to change, Im thinking for the 'inconvenience' we might book a balcony room next time.. However I have a few questions, we've always stayed interior cabin and loved the quietness and the really dark room. However my worst nightmare is that I would be on the 'wrong' side of the ship with the balcony if there is such a thing, or that there may be a smoker in the next balcony, (smokers of course are entitled to smoke on their balcony) its just that Im so anti the smell of smoke Im wondering if its worth it!!! Id love to wake up to that fantastic view though, also are the balconys always in the shade or does the sun get to hit one side or the other! any info greatly appreciated x