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Hi all, just giving you another instalment, as there is just so much to write about -

so here goes -

The Dining Room -

We dined in the Opus dining room and I had emailed the dining room diretly and asked for a table for two near the window. Whatever about near the window I really wanted a table for two as I think its nice not to have to make small talk every night as it can get quite hard, I find its nicer to meet and chat to people at the bar or while around the ship. But thats just me other people absolutely love meeting up with others at large tables of 8 but its just not for us.

The opus dining room on deck 4 was lovely. Much the same as on the other ships we were on (Freedom Class) Voyager and Liberty. After boarding it was one of the first things I did was to check what our table was like and more importantly if it was a table for two. My little heart skipped a beat when our waiter led us to a beautiful large table for two by a window! Fair enough it was night time when we dined but it was lovely really nice. I remarked how some of the other tables of two were very very close to other tables where every single word of your conversation would be heard! So thrilled with the table.

Now on to the staff -

our head waiter was fantastic, usually I find these guys a bit of a pain to deal with as they tend to be all talk and let the waiter and assistant waiter do all the work, (past experience) but not on this cruise, the guy was fantastic, because I had a dietary requirement, (gluten free) he had a fantastic knowledge of my 'condition' and assured me that I need not worry about anything.

Our main waiter was not so good, in fact very poor he had a bad command of English and he constantly conflicted with what the head waiter would say, for instance one thing that i ordered the waiter told me it was not gluten free that he asked the chef, while the head waiter said It is absolutely gluten free I've spoken to the chef. Turns out the waiter was mixing up gluten free with sugar free, and unfortunately he continued to do this for the whole week, so I dreaded ordering in case there was some mix up. But the head waiter was great, every night he gave me the menu for the next night and told me what they could do for me and what sauces could be adapted to gluten free. This was reassuring to say the least!

I think our waiter was just 'off the boil' he just didnt deliver and it wasnt as if the others were the same we actually had a great laugh with other staff members as we were in a 'walk way' where they were bringing dishes from the kitchen to various parts of the dining room. They were all very very pleasant and funny. I think the language barrier was the main problem Im not sure what nationality he was but he really didnt have good enough English to be a waiter, if he was assistant waiter it would have been perfect.

Moving on to our assistant waiter, what a dote!
Such an attentive guy from Bulgaria. He treated us so well making conversation offering us water and bread a million times during our meal, just very attentive and nice a total Gem! I loved him. Pity he was not the main waiter!

In his defence our waiter did mention that they were under pressure that on the Oasis they had a new ordering system, they dont physically go into the kitchen any more they order on a computer system. One night I asked for saute onions he looked and me and said, 'saute onions' ok. And of course they never arrived because he clearly didnt know what I meant, but there were saute mushrooms on the menu so I thought he would know. I didnt want to complain him to the head guy, I just felt that every night he might improve or that he was a little shy, we all cant be bubbly all the time!

On to the food, I was very impressed with it! Thought it was better than other cruises.

Food was delivered promptly to the tables and because we were on our own we often had dinner finished within the hour which was great, we ate one night in the windjammer as we were running late and that I must say was gorgeous too for a quick evening meal!!
Great choice on the menus too with a 'healthy option' menu separate.

Over all lovely dining experience, just a little bit disappointed with our waiter, I suppose in the past we were very lucky to have had such bubbly bright and interesting waiters who spent ages talking and joking this guy just wasnt one of those, we were spoilt in the past!!

Just goes to show though that a dining room team could in fact make or break your holiday if you were in there for breakfast lunch and dinner.

more to follow later...