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Usually, I would agree that it is silly to waste the extra money. Just because something is better, doesn't mean what you have already paid for isn't great. Its not $40 for a great meal its $40 plus what you already paid for the normal meal. That money could go to a bottle of wine, or part of an excursion, or some beer, or whatever. This doesn't mean I don't want to try it, its just that I'm very money conscious and want to appreciate what I already have.

However, I have neighbors who cruise very often, and eat at the special restaurants on EVERY night of their cruisea. I guess they don't feel that the regular food compares. Or they may be nuts

Having said all that, I'm thinking about trying it on my upcoming honeymoon cruise. My fiancee is pretty against spending the extra money, but she might like it if I surprise her. Still not sure. Either way, I highly doubt it will become a habit.
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