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I'd just like to report back that DenRus was there when we got off the Rotterdam on July 20, with a wonderful tour guide, and the whole experience was excellent. We met 4 wonderful cruisers through this web site and took the tour with them, and everybody was relaxed, easygoing, and we all got along just fine. The group of 8 was easy to work with, and with two on a bench in the van everybody indeed has a window. We had the itinerary we wanted. Our tour guide was so knowledgeable, she was a real delight. I felt a little nervous going through this process, but I am very happy we did this! Taking the ship's tours would have been a little less expensive, but we wouldn't have seen what we wanted and we'd have been on a large bus. If we had taken an 8 person tour from the ship, it would have cost twice as much. Thank you,! And thanks to everybody who participates in these chats - it has been so very helpful.