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Originally posted by KAWS:
We're trying to decide the same trip but we're also considering the Caribbean Princess.

I've heard some bad things about Destiny and it's quite a bit $$ less than Princess so I'm wondering why.......


Well there are few things

First Princess is a great cruise line for what Im told but its a little expensive in comparison to Carnival and RCCL

Second I have read a lot of reviews about the different ships I travel before boarding them and in my experience dont believe all they said on the reviews, for all I know 80% of them are wrong in my experience it depends on the person.

UFFF some people are impossible to please even myself sometimes, I am a food junkie, and last time in the AOS I kept saying NO FOOD, NO BUFFET?? just because all the food you can find in carnival is way more, even that on the AOS were better food the comparison between the two was not fair.

Thanks God I never write the review I was planning on the AOS because it will no have been a good one. Now I understand they are a different kind of cruise line, is not Carnival, and in a way I like to give them a second try just to be sure I am fair to them so next year.. RCCL


Since you like Princess a Good option is the Adventure of the seas, is a little cheaper than Princess and is not as active as carnival, or not a party animal cruise LOL, but is more like Family fun..