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We did not get anything in the mail about this cruise, we however did see a commercial on tv about it and called. They were very friendly and helpful on the phone. We also paid $59 per person for port fees, and were also upgraded to a ocean view room. The ship was awesome, plenty for me and my husband to do as well as our 6 year old daughter. We decided to add on 3 nights before the cruise and 3 nights after. It was amazing!!They gave us a gas voucher and vouchers for our food at the hotels as well. It is definitely not a scam, it was a dream come true. You even get 18 months to decide when you want to go. I think they are offering so much great stuff so that they can get their name up! I checked out BBB and they do have an f rating, but if you look in more detail, they have only have 5 complaints in the past 36 months! The ship was just lauched in 2008. 4 of the complaints were resolved with refunds and the 5th was unanswered. Most of the complaints that I have read actually started out as people asking for advice and then other people put their two cents in about "oh no, never give out your credit card number over the phone!" Well we just went on a Royal Caribbean cruise in September and what do you know, we had to give them our credit card number over the phone too!!