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This was our first and last cruise with HAL. We booked a room (next to my father/mother). When we first went to our room had trash in the cupboards, stains on the sheet,a sock in a drawer, hair on the blanket and IN THE SHOWER...we complained the steward took care of it. We unpacked a weeks worth of clothew...After dinner when my husband went to brush his teeth, water sewer...including feces (of which did not belong to us!) started coming up in the shower drain and overflowed onto the bathroom floor. The plumber came right away and messed with it..said he fixed it and they wanted us to stay in this room and have housecleaning come "clean it"...uh, no! We were then given a room on the 7th floor...with no help or apologies to re-pack and move 2 floors and all the way to the rear 7125....2 hours later finally got to bed. The room creaked and rattled so badly we could not sleep. So in the morning we called and complained AGAIN...they said it was due to rough seas
(meanwhile my parents were moved to the 6th floor
-because we shared the same plumbing issues)
their room did not rattle at all. By Mon morning they came and put wedges into the ceiling all around the helped cut out 50% but we still could not sleep...
In this room we also received stained towels and a dirty bathrobe. We complained and were compensated a total of $120 I would have rather not missed 7 nights of sleep. It was an awful experience and we will return to RCI!!!!