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Great question, but I have so many to choose from!
-There's watching a Hawaiian sunset on my balcony.
-Having a cup of coffee on the faintail, in total solitude early in the morning (just me and the ocean).
-Watching my daughter beam as she ordered her first "full-course grown-up" meal by herself.
-Ordering room service then leaving the bathroom in disarray/towels on the floor and spending the day doing nothing but lounging at the pool (knowing when I return my cabin will be spotless).
-Relaxing for hours in a thallasotherapy pool.
-Learning how to do "The Dollar Dance" and not caring who saw me.
-Meeting people that have become my "best friends".
-Traveling to exotic destinations, being immersed in cultural diversity and embracing new experiences.

I have many more, but I think you get the idea!

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