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Originally posted by CruiseDad:
I have never sailed on Princess but am very interested in fellow chat member's opinions of the dancing shows on the two ships. Princess is owned by Carnival but the experience could be very different. Specifically, How elaborate are the costumes, how good are the dancers, is the choreography good, how about the sets? What do you see the dancers doing other than dancing? On the Fun Ships they run Bingo, the Library, pose for photos, boat drill, Port duty etc.
I'm sure there are plenty of cruisers out there that have been on both. Or maybe doing a princess soon and could take note for me.
Cruise Dad,
Princess is owned by Carnival Corporation and PLC. not Carnival Cruise lines. Therefore; yes, they will be separate experiences because they do operate separately. I have found the entertainment on Carnival, RCI, Celebrity, and Princess all to be very good and professional. It can vary from ship to ship.