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Originally posted by bigguycruising:
Hello Everyone, My wife and I will be celebrating our 30 years together with an a cruise on the Glory on 10 Nov. This will be our second cruise. Our hope is we will be assigned to a table just for two. What do you cruise crazed experts suggested? Go to the Maitre D' as soon as we get onboard? Wait till the ship is underway? Call Carnival? I booked the cruise using a Carnival sales rep and he suggested I just till I the first dinner seating.
Congrats on 30 years. Do not wait to arrange a table for 2. Call now and ask is good and you will probably get the answer stated earlier, but do it. Then as soon as you have reached the ship (really as soon as, do not dirvert even to the bathroom, do not pass GO, go directly to the dining seating cue) get in the cue to see the Matre D. There will probably be a line, I would not go first to see where the table is. 2 reasons, you will lose your place in the cue, and if you havn't actually talked to the Matre D you could be changed by others making requests. Cue up, We do every time and with our dancing daughter to add weight to our request. Be sure to tell them why you want it, it helps.
Don't forget the supper club for a special night, I think the Glory has one, very nice.
If you have not told your TA that it is 30 years be sure to do that to. It could get you some perks.