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My DH and I are going on our first cruise in less than 30 days, August 14 to be exact. We are both thrilled about this.

We are in Cabin 3521 on Deck 3 with is a Category M. Anyone been in this cabin? Is there at lot of motion where this cabin is? I've gotten sea sick before and worry a bit about this happening again.

Also, we will fly into Orlando and take the shuttle to Port Canaveral. In Orlando, do we get our luggage at baggage claim and take it to the boat with us on the shuttle, or does it automatically go to the boat.

Since I have our travel documents now, can I sign up for the Crown and Anchor membership (or was it a different name for first time cruisers) I have heard someone talk about before, or do I have to do this after the cruise?

Will anyone else be doing on this cruise at this time...Sovereign of the Seas on August 14?

I'm sure I have lots more questions, but I can't seem to think of any now. Thanks everyone for their help. I've already learned tons of things about cruising that I had no clue about to start with.