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Just off NCL Pearl for second time in three months.

NCL is CONSTANTLY adapting to American trends and customer demand.

New attitude and slogan:

"Dress up or not"

Had private dinner with Captain and he explained that many Americans dress daily for work, so the new policy from NCL is very laid back. Did not see any men in Tux's for Monday "dress up" night, and jeans were seen in many restaurants and dining rooms. Policy is no NO tank tops, shorts, or bare feet in dining rooms after 5:30PM.

No need to hang out in Sports Bars if you want to dress down.

So enjoy. It's very American. No need to dress up or get decked out unless you want to. They won't except torn blue jeans in the knees at night.

It's a very relaxed policy and atmosphere as of May 27th, 2007.

No need for lots of clothes and overloaded luggage. In most cases one medium size suitcase will do, as you just DON'T need to change clothes frequently, and the NCL Pearl has 2 launderettes for NO COST to the cruiser. You buy just the soap for a $1.00