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[quote]Originally posted by 7thSon:
My reply about using a cooler is meant for fun. I cannot believe that it would be takien seriously.
Hey 7thSon, I guess I took it seriously because I have seen it happen. On the Tropicale in 1999 pre/911 a group of guys took their huge cooler to aft lido pool..which was really small and proceeded to drink alot of beer out of it, and even told one of the guys to go back to cabin and refill the cooler. Security did not do anything about it, and am not sure there was any security on the decks back then. The funniest part was I kept wondering how these guys keep drinking all that beer and never go to restroom. Well as the day progressed the clear water of the pool slowly turned to yellow.
By that time they were so toasted they did not realize everyone was laughing at them when they would spit water at each other..Carnival could not have put on a funnier show and is the hardest I have ever laughed at onboard free entertainment when I went back to see it at 5pm.

Back to the topic at hand, KRoyal take cans as 7thSon said, but in checked luggage. I am not even sure they serve bottles at all, they use to in piano bar a long while back, and certainly will be confiscated on open decks. I usually just enjoy a few in cabin or take one as I go to a function or casino. Someone on here said you could bring a 6-pack on at ports on another topic. I have never tried since 9/11 and the Carnival policy updates. I have done it on St. Thomas previously with a six pack bottles and the guard just said don't take on pool deck. I like my beer and can't afford to pay Carnival prices and never 7thSons Vegas prices for beer for 7 days. So I take a little as previously posted. My beer belly actually shrinks even with all the food I eat, I guess I drink less of those calories and get alot of excercise on the islands and walking the ship.

If you like beer bring some in moderation in checked luggage, if you like liquor do the same and wrap really well. If you like wine do the same and bring another bottle in carry-on. Don't consume in areas that serve alcohol. And most of all enjoy the sights and eat everything you want..You are on Vacation! Have the time of your life..and count the calories later