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You know I have to chime in again on the soda card. It also includes juices which are not free after breakfast. If you drink water, juice and soda at every meal, the card is worth money. If you plan on drinking wine or other liquors at dinner or between meals, it probably is not worth it.

As I have posted is about 4 sodas a day if you get the card. if you get a souvenir glass, it holds a 12 ounce can including ice. If you drink sodas at dinner, your waiter will refill your soda glass plenty of times. One of our table mates paid for a soda each time at dinner and did not have the card and he had about 2 cans each time.

So if you drink sodas or juice at the pool, between and after meals, you will pay for the card.

Once again...if you drink alcohol, you will probably not need a soda card.

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