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I'm not familiar with Sitka Secret personally, but a fairly good indicator of the quality is whether or not they appear on the current list of 5-Star Safety Rated vessels at

All of these smaller boats (mine included) are not subject to any required inspection by the Coast Guard. Some boats "go the extra mile" to do a VOLUNTARY inspection each year (that says a lot right there) and then they are rated on a scale of 1 to 5 in terms of how much optional (but great to have if you needed it) equipment they carry.

I know many locals that would never even consider chartering a boat unless it had earned all 5 stars in that program, but I realize that some businesses are small and can't afford or choose not to carry all of the equipment necessary.

All other things being equal, I think I'd resort to "the list" and pick the highest rated boat I could find.

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