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Hello. Well, I haven't been too active, on this chat board, this past year. We did some land vacations, no cruises. We have not cruised since the maiden voyage of the Freedom of the Seas. Anyways, I have severe cruising withdrawal now. We have a 3 day family reunion/parents anniversary booked for the Monarch this may. After that cruise, we will be Diamond status. So, to get to my point, I just talked to RCCL, and found out the balcony rates increase for the Diamond level. My questions is- Can you combine the balcony discount, RCCL savings certificates you get in the magazine, and the on board credit when you book on board? How much is the on board future credit, when you book on board? I did a search, on this chat board and couldn't find it. I remember Sonny saved about $500, on his cruise. I guess you combined the savings?? Anyways, I am probably going to book something, while we are on board the Monarch. I need to Get Out There!! Lil' Lori

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