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Good Morning Sherri,

Just getting read to head to Montreal so I'll make this quick. About Jamaica. Yes your friend is correct! There is that there but htere is on most islands for sure. We had all kinds of people asking if we wanted to buy drugs first of all, pretty much every male asked us. While going back to the ship there was a young man treading the ocean asking for people to throw money to him. I threw a dollar. Yes for sure you see alot of that there but for me being the neice of a Professor of Horticulture, I LOVE FLOWERS, and gardens. We did the Dunns River Falls and Enchanted Gardens Tour. It was spectacular to say the LEAST! Absolutely breath taking. I know what you mean though and yes people everywhere we went were pestering us to look at their stuff for sale, and buy drugs, asked us on the street what we needed, Dale asked for an American Newspaper so he could check the score of the Boston Montreal game (NHL) and this guy of course wanted money I'm sure BUT a security guard in the tourist area SHOOED him away telling him he was to leave the tourists alone. We ate at the Jerk and Taj" where they make amazing Jerk Chicken. You are right, they pester tourists to buy things, to help us etc but it really didn't bother me just as long as you are polite and say no thanks they are happy "No Problem Mon" To me, Jamaica is definitely a place I'd like to visit for a longer period of time. Please remember too about Jamaica, its an incredibly rich country but the people are EITHER rich or dirt poor. If you can put up with a bit of pestering to look at their fine collection of sellables you won't have a problem. The malls there for the tourists are amazing too. They don't bug bug bug at all. But they do like to barter! Any more questions about Jamaica are most welcome.