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I have always enjoyed the food on RCCL ships. I don't have to perpare it, serve it or clean up. I have never eaten in a specialty restaurant on board. I take the wait staff's suggestions seriously because every dish on the menu is not the absolute best but these people make it their job to know what to recommend.

Cruise reviews can be frightening. I am actually quite nervous to be traveling on Princess for the first time after reading such hateful reviews. This site is known for a more level headed approach to things from people who embrace cruising. A few posters use the site when they have an ax to grind but most of the members are just sharing information and advice.

Go with a positive attitude. Know that your dream vacation is staffed by real imperfect people with real lives who are out their just like you trying to make a living (and they are far from home and the people they love). Most of them will bend over backwards for you, whether they are lonely, exhausted, or irritated by their room mate. In other words cruising is a real world experience just like being at home. How much enjoyment you get out of it often can depend on how you choose to look at it, and how you treat the people around you.
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