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I didn't use the lift, but I thought it was free. There were huge lines. The walk isn't far at all, maybe 2 blocks, and it's really pretty. You go over the bridge and can see the fish swimming. The chairs and umbrellas were free when we were there in May. The pistachio gelato is wonderful, there's also a Fat Tuesdays there, if you like frozen drinks.

On the beach side, there were two different bar/restaurants that had waiter service. I only got a water there, so can't tell you how much the drinks were, probably like the ship. Unfortunately, there was no shopping right outside the terminal area and the prices in the terminal area were not that great. There were some cute stores, however, and I did buy a $20 t-shirt.

The beach area is really nice. There's a couple of volleyball nets and restrooms and fresh water showers. I think you'll enjoy your stay.
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