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WHAT does carnival do to keep you going back jus wondering
Carnival provides great value and a really fine cruise experience. They are #1 for good reasons. They offer fun and do it quite well. Some of the best bands I've heard on any cruise line were on Carnival cruises. Carnival has very good food (really) and their cabins are bigger than most other lines. In many markets Carnival has the lowest price for similar or identical itineraries. But it is important to have your expectations properly set when cruising with Carnival. It isn't high end. It isn't ships full of expensive artwork. It isn't a formal evening with most people standing around in tuxedoes and gowns (although you will see some). You should expect to see Mom, Dad, and their 2.4 kids. What you won't see is a bunch of drunks stumbling around, which is a stigma that Carnival stills carries years after they buried it and became a true family-friendly line.