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My friends(anywhere from 2-5 of us) and I want to go on a Caribbean cruise. It will be a first time cruise for us all. Basically I think we all want a very enjoyable trip to see many things we wouldnt normally, have decent staterooms and of course excellent food. We have looked and narrowed it down to an 8 day Carnival cruise on the Liberty, 14 day ultimate caribbean or 14 day western caribbean cruise through Celebrity on the Constellation and looked into the Princess cruise line at two different 14 day cruises on the Sea Princess. we are not sure which will be the best for what our tastes are.
I have heard that the Princess and celebrity have better food but have mostly older people and bland decor. I have heard that carnival offers a lot to younger people(we are allin our early to mid 20's) but the food and staterooms arent as good. Any opinions would be great.
Dont mind hearing it was good or bad or whatever as long as its kept in mind we are not used to cruises and therefore our expectations might not be as high. Thank you.