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I have sailed on the Glory - it is a nice Ship.

The Destiny was the prototype for the Destiny Class ( Destiny, Triumph and Victory) and later Conquest Class, so it has one less deck and is shorter than the Glory.

The ships have very similar layouts except for the steached part, and the Conquest Class has a supper club that the 3 Destiny class ships do not.

It is about a 1 hour drive from Orlando to Port Canaveral.

I wanted to sail on the Destiny myself, but the flights were more expensive from Toronto - all of the cheap flights could not connect with the ship. We saved CDN$1,000.00 ($880 US) for a party of 3 by flying into Miami on the Truimph.

If you want the itinerary then go with the Destiny.

p.s. you are lucky - you must live near an airport that has frequent connections to San Juan.