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a liter has 33 shots...shots=1 fl oz.

I have a problem with them adding a tip automatically to all drinks, soda cards, barware and other it what it is... a service charge and print the total price on the friggin menu for a honest change. a $5 captain morgan is 5.75 whether it comes from a waiter or you stand in line at the bar for it. that souvineer glass and soda card get nailed for extra too... and the head bartender and purser said that it is against RCCL company policy to remove it.....unlike carnival which was a little higher on thier drinks but cheerfully refunded the tip off of the soda card package and the beers i went to the bar for...sorry but it's not worth a 75 cent tip to open a beer for me after i come to get it.

I am going to write a letter to RCCL about this as it also is printed in thier own final checklist info and i quote "TIPPING- Royal Caribbean recognizes that giving tips is a reflection of personal choice and satisfaction. We provide the guidelines to assist you with your tipping choice." they then list thier suggested tips for different personel....So to tell me that i have no choice but to pay the 15% on all bar related stuff and still call it a "tip" and not a service charge is CRAP!!....after dealing with carnival with no problem in this kind of matter, i was surprised they (RCCL) had no flexibilty... i explained that i tipped waiters and bartenders who made me a good drink with cash, or wrote in a tip extra but a few times the waiters were slack and I would have to wait in line at a bar to get a drink (why should i give 15% to get my own drink?) one bartender was clueless and should have been scrubbing toilets, she asked for help on all drinks and rarely made them right, my 15% goes to her too?...Royal Caribbean can kiss my if they think I will sail them again...(thats the general theme of my letter)...the purser did credit me $30 for the items i disputed, like he said.. i spent over $300 in the bar and over $2000 during my cruise so he didnt want me to leave mad over $30. The people who deserved tips got them and i didnt pay a $7+ tip on top of $66 for my soda card. my experience ended well but how bout all the other suckers who get flim-flammed by the mandatory tip policy....i say everyone should bring thier own alchahol and cokes...then maybe they will stop tring to fool you with a low price on the drink menu and a mandatory tip on top....i thought the only place you needed a calculator to figure your real price on a purchace was a jewelry store or a car dealership. I wonder if i can sue for false advertising?...then they can tell the judge, it's mandatory ,but its a tip...thats about as clear as genuine, imitation leather...

what if nobody would accept the computer generated bill?, i was told by a purser agent (another clueless trainee) that once i signed the ticket it was a contract and that i should have asked it to be deducted before i signed it. then the bartender would say "sorry it comes that way from the computer", and the head bartender would say "sorry it's against company policy"
lets see if a class action suit can change company policy!!...who's with me?....
grumble a little a least...