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Well I am on the flip side my experiance on the Freedom of the Seas was EXCELLENT, my cabin was Always clean we had the towels animals, our shows were never over crowded, the adult pools were crowed so we just went to the hot tub which weren't crowded at all. Even the flow rider there was never a very long wait. Yes the windjammer was always very crowed but we could and did find a seat the food was always plentyful. I am sorry you had such a time but my experiance and those with me was an excellent one after all. This was my first cruise and my family members 3 or 4th cruise and they said the service was some of the best they have had I myself thought it to be very pampering and friendly. The ship was clean and I never felt overwhelmed with people it didn't even seem like it was 3000 0r more people on the ship. So with that I can say my experiance was not like yours, AKMom or Vicariously Cruising, hopefully you will have better luck next time, don't let this one time stray you away.

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