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Originally posted by MCPayne:
Originally posted by Sandy:
The system of identifying your portraits is excellent, with every cabin assigned a folder in the Photo Gallery, so you can go right to your folder and not have to look through 6,000 photos on the walls to find yours.
Sandy - do they ask your cabin number every time they take your photo? Just curious as to how they know what photo goes in what folder with all the pictures they take. This does seem like an easier way to do things. Any plans to release this method fleet wide?

RCCL is also using photo recognition to sort pictures by staterooms. (At least on the Freedom Class ships) They are supposed to ask for your seapass when doing formal pictures but if you get a few random pictures onboard or when exiting the ship at port it is highly likely that they will also by tied to your stateroom. The software uses your seapass photo for the comparison.

If you go to one of the photo kiosks and swipe your seapass you should see all of the pictures that you have taken during your cruise whether you told someone your stateroom or not. Obviously this isnít always the case but they have had a high percentage of them on each of our last couple cruises.

For example, on one cruise my wife had her picture taken on the upper deck while leaving a port with one or friends and when we went to look at our pictures that picture was tied to both our photo account and her friends account since they were both in the picture.

Kind of neat and scary at the same time...
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