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Welcome home, Frase, and thank you for your report on your N. Pearl cruise. I wish you'd had a better experience, yet I see you were still able to focus on the good stuff (as you said it was a good cruise, overall).

I understand the disappointment about the laundry rooms. We've had several posts on this board that indicated there were self-serve laundromats on the ship (Decks 9 and 10, I believe), so I would have expected them, also. And I am sure these were not mentioned to you onboard...

Thanks for elaborating on the expenses. I agree these have gotten out of hand on most lines. You might find part of this NCL Press Release of interest. I refer to the line in the fifth paragraph: The increase in Net Yields was the result of higher passenger ticket pricing and onboard revenues.

Yikes... having been in the same size cabin on N. Majesty, I can understand. It sounds almost like the "old" days of the late '80s when cabins were small so that pax would spend time out of them. (I think we may be back to the revenue item, again.)

But, bravo to you for trying another cruise line. Perhaps you can give it another shot in a few years. I did this with Carnival. I didn't care much for my first cruise with them, but I repeated the itinerary on a sister ship six years later and it became a favorite cruise.
Happy cruising!