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Originally posted by NYCBeach:
Stay on the ship. In my opinion Grand Cayman is the island they've ruined the most. You wouldn't know you weren't in South Florida--fast food places, that truly awful Turtle Farm where the turtles all look like they're ready to expire and the Sting Rays? So sad what these poor animals are put through to entertain tourists. And finally a bunch of islanders who are just plain unwelcoming. It's a great day to stay on board, get spa treatments at half price and enjoy the solitude until everyone returns to the ship with truly dreadful stories of what they've with their day.
WOW! I love Grand Cayman, one of my favorite places in the Caribben and definately my favortie along with Cozumel on the western side. You're apparently mis-informed about what stingray city is. Noone does anything to them other than feed them. They are in the wild in their natural habitat. You are taken to them out on a sand bar to swim and snorkle among them and feed them.

If the fast food places you're referring to are Margaritaville, Carlos & Charlies, Hard Rock or other such places, they're at nearly all the island ports. Other than these I can't recall seeing anything I'd think of as fast food. Never seen any golden arches there or at least if I did I don't remember it. Wouldn't surprise me if I did as they're everywhere now. Even Russia and China have McDonnalds now.

As for the unwelcoming part, I met some of the nicest people there of any island I've visited. Especially at one of the local shops where I met a young couple who moved there and started their business. The nicest people ever. Shared about the decision to try it and be so far from family and friends. I go back by each time I go there and they actually remember me by name and greet my wife and I like long time family friends.

The most lively port conversation at our dinner table on my last western carib cruise was at G.C. Everyone did different things and we all came back excited and sharing our experiences. Some parasailed, one pour couple went on the party boat with free margaritas and over did it. They were still feeling the effects at dinner the next night and on top of it were sun burned. Sting Ray City, great beaches including 7 mile beach. How can you have a bad time in G.C?

Cheers, Neil