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being a 6 time cruiser and taking liquer on board I was stopped and had 3 small 1/2 pts. confiscated on a cruise to nowhere out of nyc. only because you can not check your luggage everything is carry on, as they were taking my information to return my booty when I returned, I asked her why is everyone allowed to bring on wine and beer , her reply was it was allowed 1 six pack per pax. and wine was not hard spirits they dis-allow hard spirits beer and wine was no problem, there were about 25 people in a group ahead of us, they had lugguge for of beer and wine and were drinking open bottles of beer in line to get on board the lugguge was big enough to put a couple of kids in it, all thier beer and wine was in it went through with no problem that was on the cruise to nowhere, now on the other five cruise I bubble wrapped my booty and packed it in the checked lugguge no problems, and at each of the ports we were told we could bring on board 1 six pack per pax from port they do take you liquer and hold it till the last nite if you buy it in port, as for ship store you can buy it but you can not take it with you they take your name and cabin number and deliver it to your room the last nite on ship, by then your pretty well over the party stage and you do not even open it you take it home for the next cruise lol