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I find checking my account every night on the tv makes it easier when we get to the end. I usually have issues with my internet charges, so I am checking them every night anyway. We have found mistakes in the past, so it is a good thing to keep track. I view it like my checking have to check that account online to keep track of any debit use, so treat it the same way. All the ships do now have this capability, don't they? It is a good thing for parents to do keep track of what their kids are using the card for.

Is RCCL ever going to join the real world and make internet access easier and cheaper? I usually just check my emails once a day to see how the kids are doing. It takes minutes just to get online which eats away at the very expensive minute rate. Very few peopl are going to be held up in their cabin using their computers all day instead of enjoying the ports & ship.
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