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When I was a teenager, I used to take turns rowing across the bay, with my two boyfriends, to Toms River. When the weather is bad, we walk the Ocean County Mall which is in Toms River. WallMart, where we buy all our non food stuff is in Toms River. iHop, where we like to eat breakfast, (not in the Summer months) is in Toms River.

It is so crowded now, we're thinking of selling our Seaside Park home in the near future. It's one and a half short blocks from the ocean and half a block from the bay. My great uncles and grand father were contractors and built the house in 1923/24 for fishing and drinking. The lumber, doors, trim and a stained glass window are from a house they demolished in Philly that was built before the Civil War. We use the original outhouse for storage.

We will be leaving tomorrow morning for Seaside and the West end of the bridge is in Toms River. You get stuck in unbelieveable traffic from Friday afternoon to noon, Saturday. We're glad we don't have to take the Garden State Parkway home on Sunday nights because it gets totally backed up for hours with daytrippers, weekenders and vacationers heading to North Jersey and New York.

Sorry you asked? I thought you could mention all this to your brother-in-law.