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My family and I leave on the Liberty of the Seas in about a month. My husband and I are experienced cruisers and are taking our 19 month old son for the first time with his grandparents and great aunt and uncle. I am trying to be well prepared since we are traveling with a toddler. We are flying in the day before and staying 10 minutes from Port of Miami. What is the best time to arrive with the least wait to board ? We have already down pre-check in online. In the past my husband and I always just came straight from the airport and had a very minimal wait. But I have been reading some recent posts of really long boarding. Is 11 AM good or is that too early ?

Also, I was looking at some old Cruise Compasses from this past summer and the activities section did not list any Royal Babies or Tots activites. I thought they have 2 play sessions a day. ANy recent cruisers remember seeing these playgroups.

Do you need tickets for the ice show ? And if so how are those dispersed ?

Finally, I have also seen some comments that RCL did away with in room babysitting because they are going to add a Nursery to the Liberty. However, this is the next cruise after ours when it will open. Just wondering if anyone can confirm this for sure. Its not a bid deal I am just wondering if the option is out there.