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Originally posted by LisaP:
For some reason that I am unable to explain, I am somewhat optimistic about SS United States. Not necessarily as a sea-going ship again, but as a static fixture somewhere.

I noticed that NCL offers lots of cruises from NYC. Suppose, as has been postulated numerous times, SS US is berthed alongside Intrepid, just a few piers away from the ones NCL uses. NCL could then build up the interiors and convert her to a hotel/museum (also not an original thought). The hotel portion can then be used for pre- and post-cruise packages for those sailing with NCL...perhaps even offering check-in... similar to what Carnival does with Queen Mary.

This would also be consistent with NCL's repeated announcements about how they will soon have the youngest fleet in the business. If the ship isn't sailing, I suppose she's not part of the fleet.

Just a few thoughts, for what it's worth...
You might be correct, you might be wrong. I don't know. But since we all have opinions, here's mine.

I believe it will never become a hotel in New York. New York is full of hotels, and the last thing New York needs is another hotel. The Queen Mary works in Long Beach because at the time of her conversion Long Beach had a shortage of hotel rooms. Long Beach needed more hotel rooms for their Convention Center, which the Queen Mary sits next door to.

I'm not saying it's a bad idea, but one has to be realistic. For a SSUS conversion into a hotel to work, it must be placed at a locale that will be short of hotel rooms for a period of time. Rumors have been around for decades that the SSUS will be converted into a hotel. Nothing has come from them yet.

I believe the best option is to refurbish the SSUS as a cruise ship, and placing it back into service, where it could cruise directly between American cities without having to visit a nearby foreign port. New York City to Florida and back, without visiting the Bahamas is one possible route. Another possible route is up and down the West Coast, from Los Angeles to Seattle with stops in San Francisco and Portland. Golly, the SSUS at top speed would probably beat Amtrak on both coasts, and provide far better accommodations, giving travelers who do not wish to fly everywhere a better experience.
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