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The first thing you'll notice as you board the Spirit is its teak decks. Not many ships in NCL's fleet today has teak decks. The second thing you'll notice is its beautiful Asian decor, just about everywhere.
The Spirit is one of my favorites. The cabins are neither too large nor too small, just about right. The showers in all the cabins have glass partitions, rather than plastic curtains that sticvk to you while you shower. The one disappointment I had with the cabins is the lack of a refrigerators in standard cabins, only the suites have this accessory. But the ice buckets are refilled twice a day.
While most modern ships ar eloaded with balcony cabins like the Spirit, most place many decks of aft facing balcony cabins and suites on the stern, the Spirit has just one private deck aft.
The rest of the aft facing decks are full of public spaces, like cruise ships from an earlier era; from the Raffles Terraces behing the Raffles Buffet, Kids pools area and it's amphitheatre, the wrap around Promenade Deck, and two stories high palladium windows for the main restaurant appropriately named Windows.
It has all the restaurants larger NCL ships have, except a Tapas style bar.
I know you'll have a great cruise aboard the Spirit.